Tif (n.)

Witch with words, charcoal, dreams & possibly lightning storms.


Tif is a freelance writer & editor of whatever you please...


Only half wackadoodle, possesses art and design skills.


Definitely a sassafras.



Is it a strength or a weakness to wear many hats?


I possess many talents and passions, and I love to learn. So, why choose?

You can be both a specialist and generalist. How else do you gain knowledge? My creative path in life, personally and professionally, is constantly evolving, and it's my responsibility to honor that, as I help others along the way.


In middle school, keeping a journal and writing poetry connected me to myself and the world at large when I felt like a pearl stuck in a shell. I loved to draw but didn't think of myself as an artist until an art teacher saw more in my mark-making. So, I grew these passions and talents earning a B.A. at Salem College in both creative writing and art, naysaying those who claimed you cannot make a living from what you love.

When I accept a project or a job, on some level I must vibe with it, and a rapport must be established when I create, whether that's something witchy, wordy or artsy, personal or professional. I'm sassy, self-conscious and playful, an INFJ if you want to ask Dr. Google what that makes me — is it sugar, and spice and everything nice, like my Granny used to say? Check out the freelance writing, editorial services, literary works, fine art and sassafras thoughts — I also read tarot, by request more so these days.


I nerd out when reading archaeology articles. I spy symbols in nature and have been an herbal apprentice, with a focus on TCM and western herbalism. I honor the cycles and seasons of nature by heart whim. My poetry is evident in my content writing, as called for, and art is visible in my word choices. For ten years, I've been passionate about salsa and bachata dancing and the way it makes me feel connected to myself and all beyond. 

It has taken a long, hard road to find myself, to nurture and honor my voice — that journey continues. I shy away less these days and finally have become the "wild horse" my poetry professor wryly named my written lines at Salem. 

Wild horse. Sassafras. Witch. Mark-maker. Soothesayer. They're all words with power. Let me help you find your evolving definitions and shed the ones that no longer fit.


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