A first chapter excerpt of The Descent of Tess, my WIP first novel in the speculative fiction genre, appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of GNU Journal online. 

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Sassafras & Poet Witch

Witch with words, charcoal, dreams & possibly lightning storms. Definitely a sassafras, so named by the Chaney women since I could talk. Sassafras soothsayer, here.


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✍️ Poetry & YA-NA Spec Fic & randomness


I butter my bread as a copywriter and editor, divine by whim and request, and poet witch the rest in the Tarheel state.

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I always love to hear from my wyrd and weird folk. Please don't hesitate to contact me here or on Insta!

Note: You may see me reference stalking. I've left nonprofit roles and activities I've been passionate about for years because someone I tried to be friends with for two years continues to excessively emulate me and "coincidentally" find their way into more of my life. TRIED IT ALL, all the INTIAL THOUGHTS you may have reading this, Y'ALL. Forget Oscar Wilde. Think first half of Single White Female. So, if you see anything strange around my media, or if you know me IRL, let me know and send supporting evidence. After all, if it is coincidence, it shouldn't continue to happen, right? As Kat Gilraine puts it: "But a stalker doesn’t even see you as a person – they see you as either an object to possess or eliminate...But it’s none of it about you as you are – it’s about what their idea of you means to them." Don't enable this behavior, which means pretending you don't see it happening and not saying a word out loud is enabling and putting me in a potentially dangerous situation.   THX!. 

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Freelance Writing of Tiffany Chaney

Sky's the limit: 10 years experience in various forms of writing, in print and digital, with SEO marketing agency experience.

Tour Booklet Copy: Captivating Croatia

From a Game of Thrones Tour to a Choose Your Adventure, Captivating Croatia leads culinary and historical tours in the Old City and beyond. Captivating Croatia contracted this eight-page booklet to describe their past and forthcoming tours.


Book blurb: Journey to Nepal, CS Shride’s Lucy Dakota series

Risk falling. Lucy Dakota blazes on in Journey to Nepal, where relationships are as perilous as the Himalayas, and Lucy must accept the beauty and harshness of her decisions as she dares herself to go higher in the second installment of the Lucy Dakota series.



Web Development Company + Brand Name: sitevisbl

Company TaglineSome sights are better unseen. Not your site. 

Description: sitevisibl displays innovative versatility in a brand name and the point of putting the increased visibility and unique vision first in business. 

Client Goal: We want to develop beautiful, interactive websites for our clients that increase their visibility in the marketplace and increase their sales. Our unique selling point is the quality of the Wordpress sites we develop. All the sites we develop are interactive websites.

Chat App Branding: BYAM - Between You And Me 

Description: Between You and Me is a well-known idiom among friends marking shared knowledge held in strict confidence. With this app, you don’t have to add, “And keep this between you and me” to every sentence. BYAM, meaning Between You and Me, is an internet acronym that everyone instantly recognizes and will be instantly understood by 500,000+ people. Each person will get that THIS is the place to ask questions like “Should I go to the prom with my best friend’s ex?” Ask anonymously. Answer anonymously. Don’t worry: it’s Between You and Me. 

Client Goal: This app allows you to ask and answer questions anonymously. For example, you can ask, “Should I go to the prom with my best friends ex?” anonymously, and when you answer questions, you will also answer anonymously. The app is targeting the mass market of smartphone users who have questions they would like to secretly ask, or want to answer questions in secret. We want our app to be adopted by 500,000 users in our first year! 

Select Online Journalism - Articles - Essays

Keep in mind: a bulk of my work is ghostwriting articles. So please inquire into science, medical, travel, lifestyle & others not shown here.

Luna Luna: My Heart to Heart With a Dead Girl

Wrought iron gates curve and twist atop white cement walling in the Old Burying Grounds of Beaufort, North Carolina. The mossy limbs of oak trees sprawl over the fence toward cloudy blue skies and gently sway in the ocean breeze. 


My boyfriend and I wait for the ferry that comes on the half hour to take us across the water to Shackleford Banks, where the wild ponies are. I pass the time by poking around an old cemetery—totally natural for a poet, right? My more superstitious boyfriend prefers to remain outside, not setting foot inside the cemetery due to restless spirits. 


The graveyard swallows me whole. No roads, only footpaths meander around 300-year-old gravestones with blurred names and dates and solitary brick markers. Just inside the gates is a small mailbox empty of guide pamphlets—there’s an app for that now... Read the full nonfiction essay.

Relish: Photographer Studies Minority Women in Corporate Environments

Endia Beal, 29, is a Winston-Salem artist who gives voice to those who are marginalized or unseen creating universal dialogue about issues of race and gender, or what Beal says it is like to be the "other."

With photography and video, Beal explores the relationships of minority women in corporate environments, based on their personal experiences... Read the full article.

Note: This article is a perfect example of the interviews I love to participate in, offering thought-provoking questions, transcribing my own audio and typically sourcing or taking my own photos.

Camel City Dispatch: Daylight Savings Time is Especially Harder on Night Owls

It’s time to turn our clocks back one hour this weekend. For every hour lost on the clock to time  change  it takes one day for the body to biologically adjust. Sandhya Kumar, M.D., assistant professor of Neurology and director of the Sleep Medicine Center at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, told CCD, “We are springing forward an hour so we feel like we are losing an hour. This has a greater  affect  on the people we call night owls, who have trouble going to bed before midnight. In such individuals  we are moving forward, and they have trouble specifically adjusting to daylight savings time.” For  most  the impact is similar to jet lag... 

Read the full article.

Luna Luna Magazine + Rebelle Society: Yes, it's Okay to Say: Fuck This Shit

Fuck it. Just fuck it.


Fuck this shit.


Breathe. Breathe.


“I wasn’t just the madwoman in the attic — I was the attic itself. The past was all over me, all under me, all inside me.” ~ Prozac Nation, Elizabeth Wurtzel


It is okay to lie in bed, bunch the covers up over your head, and make a nest to cry, hide, or sleep. Better to burrow than bury. Then like any animal, come out to stretch and say Hello to the sun. Drink a little water. Eat some food, silly.


“I am infinitely strange to myself.” 

~ The French Lieutenant’s Woman, John Fowles

Read the full article.

Carnival Warehouse: Waldon Company, Events Cleaning Business, Celebrates its Ten Year Anniversary

The Waldon Company, an events cleaning service for the carnival and circus industries, celebrates its tenth anniversary at the N.C. State Fair in October. Tony Waldon, President of  the company, started his events cleaning business with the N.C. State Fair. "I went over to that fairgrounds to see if I could get a job to take care of the trash and I was hired on the spot. I then went to New Mexico, to Wyoming, to the Wisconsin State Fair, and to the Delaware State Fair. It started growing so fast, we didn't know how to keep up with it," he said. The Waldon Company began with a two-room house trailer on a dirt road in Sanford, NC.  People often ask Waldon if he's from North Carolina and tells them, "I got here as quick as I could when I heard about it." Read the full article.

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