A first chapter excerpt of The Descent of Tess, my WIP first novel in the speculative fiction genre, appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of GNU Journal online. 

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Sassafras & Poet Witch

Witch with words, charcoal, dreams & possibly lightning storms. Definitely a sassafras, so named by the Chaney women since I could talk. Sassafras soothsayer, here.


☕ Americanos & Baile

✍️ Poetry & YA-NA Spec Fic & randomness


I butter my bread as a copywriter and editor, divine by whim and request, and poet witch the rest in the Tarheel state.

Check out a full bio with whatever credentials y'all require these days HERE.

(Coming, with other changes soon.)


I always love to hear from my wyrd and weird folk. Please don't hesitate to contact me here or on Insta!

Note: You may see me reference stalking. I've left nonprofit roles and activities I've been passionate about for years because someone I tried to be friends with for two years continues to excessively emulate me and "coincidentally" find their way into more of my life. TRIED IT ALL, all the INTIAL THOUGHTS you may have reading this, Y'ALL. Forget Oscar Wilde. Think first half of Single White Female. So, if you see anything strange around my media, or if you know me IRL, let me know and send supporting evidence. After all, if it is coincidence, it shouldn't continue to happen, right? As Kat Gilraine puts it: "But a stalker doesn’t even see you as a person – they see you as either an object to possess or eliminate...But it’s none of it about you as you are – it’s about what their idea of you means to them." Don't enable this behavior, which means pretending you don't see it happening and not saying a word out loud is enabling and putting me in a potentially dangerous situation.   THX!. 

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